EHS Contact List

3512 Perseus Loop
P.O. Box 163500
Orlando, FL 32816-3500
Main Phone: 407-823-6300

Environmental Health & Safety Organizational Chart

Office of the Director
Director Renee Michel 407-823-3747
Administrative Assistant Angela Moreira 407-823-6300
EHS Manager, BRIDG Facility Kenneth Johnson 407-742-4288
Accounting Specialist Carmen Caraballo 407-823-0206
Facility Safety
Building Code Official Roy Johnston 407-823-0423
Permit Technician Ning Li 407-823-5323
Permit Teachnician Stephanie Coleman 407-823-0411
Planner Examiner Anthony Russell 407-823-4173
Fire Safety Program Manager Marianne Nuckles 407-823-0073
Fire Safety / Plans Review Coordinator TBD N/A TBD
Fire Safety / Sr. Health and Safety
Diana Smith 407-823-0324
Fire Safety / Sr. Health and Safety
Carl Jackson Jr. 407-823-2314
Fire Extinguisher Inquiries
Research and Environmental Support Back to Top
Associate Director TBD TBD TBD
Biological Safety Coordinator Don Sibley 407-823-1526
Chemical Safety and Security,
Sr. Coordinator
Sandra Hick 407-823-3307
Environmental Management Coordinator David Bock 407-823-0707
Research and Environmental
Support Specialist
Aaron Young 407-823-2887
Health Sciences Campus
Safety Coordinator
Thaismary Morales 407-266-7080
Laboratory Safety Coordinator Brian Butkus 407-823-5498
Laboratory Safety Technician TBD N/A TBD
Radiation Safety Officer Anne Demigne 407-823-1523
Research and Environmental
Support Specialist
Lucy Asmar Rebolledo 407-266-7080
Research and Environmental
Support Specialist
Paul Yocom 407-823-1471
Research and Environmental
Support Specialist
Blake Doiron TBD
Workplace Safety Back to Top
Assistant Director José Vazquez 407-823-2605
Accident Prevention Coordinator Shawn Reid 407-823-1464
EHS Planner / Scheduler Sean McKim 407-823-1472
Occupational & Industrial Safety Manager Noel Crespo 407-823-6077
Occupational Safety Specialist Franco Del Pino 407-823-2886