University Fire Lane Map

The above map illustrates the fire lanes through-out campus. In accordance with Florida Fire Prevention Code, (Chapter 18), vehicles, golf carts, gators, trailers or other mobile equipment are not permitted to park in these areas.

Please Note: Fire lanes are subject to change at any time, so for the most current information, please contact EHS Fire Safety at 407-823-2338 or 407-823-0073.

For more information on the areas permitted to operate a low speed vehicle, please visit the link below:

University Low Speed Vehicles Map

For questions or concerns, please contact EHS Risk Management.



Fire Safety Contacts

Main Phone: 407-823-6300
Fax: 407-823-0945

P.O. Box 163500
3540 Perseus Loop
Bldg. 16A, Facilities and Safety
Orlando, FL 32816-3500

Michelle Humphries
Fire Safety / Plans Review

Marcel Fernandez
Fire Safety / Drills and Training