Medical Surveillance Program

*** Medical Surveillance Program in Transition***

Currently, the Medical Surveillance Program is in transition to a new provider. Due to the transition, some Medical Surveillance Program services may be delayed. The program requirements are still in effect, but an extended grace period for those needing renewal will be provided.

Please contact with any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to assist you.

The purpose of medical surveillance is for early identification of conditions that could present a risk of adverse health effects related to certain tasks. Participation is either recommended or required for the job based on the type of work being performed.

Laboratory Medical Surveillance

Laboratory Personnel: Contact Thaismary Morales at 407-266-7080, or to request the Occupational Health Exam Request Form..

General Medical Surveillance

Non-Laboratory Personnel: Contact Noel Crespo at 407-823-6077 or to request the Occupational Health Exam Request Form.




Workplace Safety

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Noel Crespo
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