Worker's Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

What is Workers’ Compensation coverage? 

Workers’ Compensation coverage in Florida is a system put in place by state law to assist employers and employees to deal with on the job injury or sickness.

At the University of Central Florida, the Human Resources Department administers the program through the State of Florida Risk Management Fund and AmeriSys, the medical case manager.  UCF Policy 3-402,”Response to Job-Related Employee Illness or Injury,” provides additional guidance.  To view the policy, go to

Where can I get answers to my questions about Workers’ Compensation?

Questions regarding Workers’ Compensation can be directed via email to UCF Human Resources at  On the web, go to for additional information, forms and contacts.

Additional information can be found at the State of Florida Division of Risk Management website at

How do I know that sickness or injury needs to be reported as a Workers’ Compensation incident?

Any sickness or injury that occurs while in the course of employment, or which is believed to have been caused by a condition of employment, should be reported as soon as possible to supervision, Human Resources, and AmeriSys at 1-800-455-2079.

How do I report an on the job injury/sickness?

Employees should report incidents to their supervisor and both should complete and sign the State of Florida required “First Notice of Claim Form.”  Human Resources should be notified and the claim reported to AmeriSys.  AmeriSys will assign a claim representative to confirm eligibility and assist the employee in securing appropriate treatment and benefits. 

How is EHS involved in Workers” Compensation?

EHS receives notification of claims to determine whether safety issues caused or contributed to the incident and to identify and recommend appropriate measures to prevent recurrence.



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