Environmental Health and Safety

The mission of Environmental Health & Safety is to encourage and promote a culture of safety that is embraced by the entire campus community. The principles of this safety culture support the educational mission of the university by making all of the campuses a safe and healthful place to live, learn, teach, work, and visit.

Facility Safety

The Facility Safety Group is responsible for Building Code compliance, Fire Code Compliance, State Fire Marshal coordination, Fire Safety Inspections, Fire Safety Training, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Fire Drills.-

Research and Environmental Support

The Research and Environmental Support Group is responsible for Laboratory Safety, Environmental Management, Chemical Inventory, Biosafety, Radiation Safety, Hazardous Materials Management, and Laboratory Inspections. For reporting purposes, this also includes research support activities at the Health Sciences Campus and other regional campuses.

Workplace Safety and Insurance

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Group is responsible for all EHS Policy Development, Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene Investigations, Accident Investigation, Event Safety and University Insurance programs.


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Zika Virus Information

UCF is actively involved in the control of Zika virus in Florida. Everybody in the campus community can do their part to help control mosquito populations on campus and protect themselves from mosquito bites. Click here to learn more information about Zika virus and what all of us can do to protect ourselves and our neighbors.

Medical Surveillance Program
in Transition

Currently, the Medical Surveillance Program is in transition to a new provider. Due to the transition, some Medical Surveillance Program services may be delayed. The program requirements are still in effect, but an extended grace period for those needing renewal will be provided. Please contact EHS with any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to assist you.

New Volunteer Services Agreement

The Volunteer Services Agreement is now an online form; no paper required. For more information on the form and instructions,
please click here.

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